Author Topic: 15 Signs That You Are Going to A Great Rehab  (Read 2482 times)


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15 Signs That You Are Going to A Great Rehab
« on: February 24, 2016, 12:27:34 PM »
15 Signs That You Are Going to A Great Rehab
By: Tim Powers - Article from SoberNation - Online Publication

he first step towards anything that is new can be overwhelming–and this is especially true if you are looking for a drug rehab facility. After years of chronic drug abuse, you have finally seen the reality of what addiction has done to your life and to those whom you love the most. While you may find the decision to go to rehab somewhat easy, finding a rehab that fits your specific wants and needs can be another matter altogether.

While there are many drug treatment facilities that provide the evidence-based treatment services you need to address and overcome your substance abuse, you may feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions, and you may be unsure of what would work best for you. Drug rehab isn’t just a considerable time commitment, it is also a substantial financial commitment–and you want to be sure that you are getting and care and support you need to have the best chance at achieving lifelong recovery.

The following list outlines the 15 signs that you are going to a great rehab.

1. Cost Friendly
2. Highly Credentialed Staff
3. Accreditation
4. High Success Rate
5. Solid Aftercare Program
6. Small Client:Staff Ratio
7. Comprehensive Treatment Programs
8. The Environment
9. Treatment Staff is Able to Create Individual Treatment Plans
10. Dual Diagnosis Treatment
11. Family Programs
12. Treatment Options
13. Nutritional Education/Recreation
14. Life Skills Training
15. Alumni Program